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Computer Science at Earlham – teaching the art of computers since the 70s


Computer Science at Earlham is unique in many ways. Our diverse faculty and rich facilities provide an environment that fosters an interdisciplinary approach to theory and practice in the field. Computer Science works closely with Mathematics, Physics and most of the other Natural Sciences, and has ties to linguistics and logic.

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Plan of Study

At a practical level we rely heavily on open source software, such as Linux distributions, FreeBSD, PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. These tools and many others like them form the software stack that supports all of the teaching and research activities of students and faculty. Students, faculty and alumni contribute to a wide variety of open source packages, particularly in the area of scientific and parallel computing.

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Our curriculum's strong mix of theory and practice, in conjunction with our applied and research activities, produces graduates prepared for a variety of careers in computer science. Students who major or minor in CS have gone on to advanced studies in computer science and other disciplines; software engineering positions; and system, network and database administration.

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